Want to save someone's life?

Read this story.

Now, save a life.

Send an email to the newspaper reporter.

Whether or not you support home inspector licensing, you will have to agree that enforcing building codes should be leading any agenda to “protect the consumer” before a home inspection licensing law.

Write or call Ron Sylvester and let him know how strongly you, as a home inspector from (wherever you are) feel that the citizens of his state are in need of REAL protection.

The real estate lobby and the builder’s lobby keep codes out to keep costs down (and profits up)…and people die as a result.

Do you care? Is “protecting the consumer” what you are REALLY about, or only when it comes to legislation that eliminates your own competition?

Used house salesmen and builders are killing people in Kansas while they propose legislation to protect them from home inspectors.

Make the call. Please.

That’s like those pics I posted before. I wouldn’t even walk out onto it for more than a few minutes. It was sooo dangerous.

If as Dangerous as you suggest, why would you walk out onto the Deck at all?

Is there a picture?

Or, did I miss something… as useuall?

Well, that would have been before I saw how dangerous it was wouldn’t it?:shock:

That was from an old thread I put some pics on from a deck that had no cross-bracing and little spindles for legs and pulling away from the house and very high up.

Hi Jim, thanks for posting this.

I called Ron to discuss why the state was pushing licensing for home inspectors while folks in his state are dying from the collapse of structures constructed by non-licensed contractors. I also questioned why building codes which have been proven to save lives are not being enforced and how this lack of respect for established building science protocols endangers the public.

I had to leave a message, but he now has my phone number, maybe he will get back to me with an answer.

Keep up the good work, Joe.

Thanks, Joe.

who is to say that a building inspector would had caught the bad construction. If that was the case, new construction homes in Florida would never leak…

I have never heard of anyone dying from a leak, Matt

No, they merely allege permanent developmental disabilities in children due to mold. Look up the Ballard mold case in Dripping Springs, TX.

Russell in BubbaLand

You would think that in a place called “Dripping Springs” people would come to expect mold. Go figure.:wink:

Didn’t the Titanic leak???:wink:

…poster children for the mold is gold campaign?

…you know what they say…“You can’t fix stupid!”

Don’t you just know if a home inspector has missed the deck stuff on an inspection and this happened - the realtors, legislators would be pounding the media with the “We’ve gotta get these yahoo’s licensed” …

Just until it was under water…:mrgreen:

My point is that there is a possibility a building inspector would not have caught the builder’s mistake.

I agree, for that particular area. Wasn’t there a news report about these guys turning in reports for 150 inspection per day or something like that?