Wanted: New Chapter Presidents

We have members looking for chapter meetings in their local areas. If you would like to start a chapter, or have an InterNACHI chapter that you would like to merge with CalNACHI, please let us know. All ideas are good ideas, and all are welcome.



Anyone can start a new chapter and we can help you.

Thanks Tim

I am in yucaipa, ca and am interested in starting a chapter here. What does being a president of a new chapter require me to do? And how exactly do I go about starting one?

Hi Clinton,

Please feel free to call me at 818.363-0176

Hello Keith,
I have just switched over from NAHI to InterNachi, Need Chapter leaders?

due to budget constraints I am still on R3 Classic - the one before your upgrade a few years back.

Check in with me

William Kading
Master Building Inspection

Hi William,

Welcome to NACHI

If you go to your control panel you can edit your profile to include your location at the top of each post you make.

It makes some things easier on the message board.