Internachi possible ripoff by asking for credit card; I'm paid up for a year

Hey Folks, I’m a new member. Passed the course about 3 weeks ago, and now Internachi wants me to “double pay” for the membership! When Internachi asked for my credit card number, I phoned them to ask why and was given the non-sensical reason that “that is how we track our members”!
I’m already paid up for a full year. There isn’t any reason to withdraw more money from my card;and Internachi is sending me dunning emails telling me my card refused to pay them. DUH! I am not paying double the amount of dues. I am not giving out my card number so whenever Internachi wants to start overcharging, I may not be aware of these extra charges. The conversation with whoever answered the phone at the billing office got nowhere with them comprehending my simple question…which is, why is Internachi double billing me? To any response, I merely say that when time comes to renew my membership, then I will call Internachi…right now they look dishonest.

Sounds like you’re being scammed by someone other than Nachi.
Did they call you, or did you call them? What number did you call??

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How did you pay the first time?

Credit card! :joy:

Sounds like a scam to me. I just had one on Monday, from the InterNACHI Facebook department or whatever! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Email only, please.

Perhaps a bum credit card…, … …

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I sent the complaint to HQ to check it out.

Mark, you were contacted this morning and left with a direct line to get this sorted out.

He left us a voicemail today and I returned it this morning and left him my direct line. If he would like to get this sorted out, I will be available all day.