Warping milled logs, bow in wall, water runs


I was looking on your site for information related to my own log homes problems. So far i am unable to educate myself on the type or severity of the problems in my home.

My home is made of 9” milled cedar, triple tongue and groove, no chinking. House is 2.5 years old, and getting progressively worse.

I have numerous logs that have warped to the extent of the tongue and groove being completely separated. (you can stick a screwdriver under the top logs tongue) Also at the front of the house the wall is bowed quite a bit from top to bottom. As well numerous logs near the top of the wall are also out of there tongue and groove, although they are not warped. They have just risen out of place. Also some log butts have pulled apart. Many doors had to be realigned.

I also have throughout the interior of the house small water runs from between logs butting together as well as where they are sandwiched together. The builder explains it is condensation and not to worry. There are hundreds of these water runs.

The builder is not about to do anything about the problems, and explains they are all normal with log houses. I have not however found any similar examples.

Its hard to describe the conditions adequately, I can send photos, if you are able to help. It may also be a good section to add to the course if others are having similar problems.

Thanks very much for any help,