Warranty inspection

The builder should clean this up, correct?
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Also wonder if there was a sale on 12AWG wire as all 15 and 20 amp circuits all had the same size wire. Is this a defect, or are the 15A breakers “overprotecting” those circuits. Its going in the report, but I could use some help with proper wording. Incorect breaker, or incorrect wire size?
Thanks for your help.
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Regardless of our ‘option’, the agreement of services(contract) is between the client and the ‘builder’. So they have to discuss this, outside of our options.

Now my option. Ciggerate only shows once again that that lowest bidding subcontractor might be the one with the lowest IQ. :smiley:


In our role as HIs, it is our responsibility to identify and report conditions that are not as they should be. Making a determination as to who should be responsible for correcting such problems would be up to someone else. Could be the homeowner, buyer, contractor, subcontractor, etc., depending on the contracts in place between those parties.

Builder should clean it up, yes. Is it under the warranty, no.

Upsized wire is not a defect. Please read the very recent thread on Voltage Drop, titled “reporting on electrical issues”

Ever want a feeling like you should by options in copper, listen to an NYC electrician tell you how to wire a home. They never heard of 14#, and 12# are the minium on 15 amp circuits. rip-offs.


Guess it’s not going in the report - thanks for the education.


Just because something might not be a warranty issue, does not mean it’s not reportable. It isn’t up to you to legally determine who is responsible, as an HI, but you still need to do your job per the SOP (inspect panels).