Masonry Block Foundation Repairs

I did a home inspection yesterday and there where repairs done to the foundation.

Portions of the exterior was excavated.

The interior had repairs done that I have never seen and this is the reason for my post. Concrete blocks were removed and then the wall was reinforced. Then a new block was inserted.

What do they do to stabilize the wall? Add re bar? Place steel beams?

Any info on this repair would be appreciated.

There were mold like stains, cracking, moisture intrusion. efflorescence.

Supposedly the contractor is no longer in business and the warranty has either expired or is no longer applicable.

The driveway was causing moisture at one wall, the other one with the mold seemed to be from a storage closet, humidity.

I made some recommendations.

Materials: Masonry Block • 90% visible to inspect.

Observations: Limited review due to storage of personal property.
• Improve: It is advised to purchase a humidity gauge to monitor the levels of humidity. Typical levels are 35 to 45% during the heating season and 45 to 55% during the cooling season.
• Appears the exterior has been excavated and weatherproofed. Recommend obtaining documentation and history of permits from current owner.
• Area of major repair noted to concrete foundation wall. This repair appears to be professionally done. Buyer is recommended to request and review any existing documents relative to this repair to determine if any warranties exist. No warranty for this or any other repair is implied
by this inspection.
Safety Issue • Mold like stains
• FYI: •
•Repair: • Efflorescence observed; this is a mineral deposit left behind from exterior water infiltration.
• Evidence of past water penetration observed located at West wall. See driveway observations.

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I suspect the “repairs” were simply to correct moisture infiltration coming into the basement AND point up or replace cracked or broken blocks. In such cases, based upon the size of area you are working on (this is not a large area) there is not reinforcing or bracing needed. Block are pretty much interlocking and sound while making such repairs… your head joists (often doubled) can take care of any small span issues.

I suspect the contractor simply removed the back fill, corrected both problems.
I would have done as you in regards to simply offering advice to have homeowner or anyone familiar with the repairs to provide documentation to keep on file.