Washer drains into shower stall

I have never seen this done before. This is a flip. They added a washing machine to the second floor and ran the drain line into the side shower wall. The water spills into the shower stall. Please share your opinions.

Not much different from the many other posts with condensate lines in showers .Just kinda goofy.

You worried about cross contamination ?

I would hate to have a cold wash/rinse my feet during a shower…

Not proper in my opinion!

I am just concerned if it is correct or not. I have never seen it done this way. I can find nothing that says it shouldn’t. Just wanted others opinions.

Stuff like that I have a laugh on site with client and include in report blue comments.

The shower drain pipe should be a 2 inch pipe as per plumbing requirement (in Quebec), adding the discharge of a washer (front loader washer requires a 2 inch drain pipe here so you now have two appliances discharging into a drain design for one appliance…not to mention grey water being discharge in the shower/on your feet!

It would not correct here and is not correct where you are either!


How about FBC P2706.3

P2706.3 Prohibited waste receptors. Plumbing fixtures that
are used for washing or bathing shall not be used to receive the
discharge of indirect waste piping.


    1. A kitchen sink trap is acceptable for use as a receptor*
  • for a dishwasher.*
    1. A laundry tray is acceptable for use as a receptor for a*
  • clothes washing machine.*


Thanks Dom.