Washer machine drain pan

Need a little help here

This was a second floor washing machine drain pan. I scoured my code books and the internet and could not find anywhere that this was a requirement and I could not find much info on a properly installed drain pan. This pan had a little pipe welded on to it. A hole was drilled in the floor. The pvc ran all the way into the crawlspace. I know it should not drain into the crawlspace but where else would it go? Should it be installed to drain into the homes drainage system? outside?

Oh and it didnt seem to go all the way into the pvc. It could potentially drain into the floor cavity below if it was not dropped in just right.

Should just be removed and repaired.
Drain pans are just that, a pan to catch any incidental minor water leaks that may come about.
Once visible, it gets repaired.
It is not designed for a constant leak and if it were, it would drain to the outside or to a fixture that is already trapped. :slight_smile:

As Marcel said.

Think of it to be like a drain pan for a WH. It may never be used, but it’s there just in case.

I recommend drain pans for all washers in a location where damage could be caused from spills.

No different from a Hot Water Heater but simply not covered by code.


If the washer is above a finished area it needs drain pan.

Many houses have these kind if issues, so it is always recommended to have a proper home inspection by a certified home inspector before selling and buying a new home.


No ****…

:idea: :smiley:

Here are some illustrations you can use for the washing machine overflow.

That is an improper discharge in the crawl.

The one today discharged nicely from the 2nd floor into the garage with an indirect connection, garage had a floor drain.

I am with the no **** on the inspection.:roll:

218812 025 (Small).JPG


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Laundry Standpipe.jpg

leaky washer.jpg

Thanks David. Excellent graphics.