Washer Pans

What code states that a washer needs a drain pan, if upstairs?


I don’t quote but I would certainly recommend a pan.

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I do the same, but most builders here do put a pan if the washer is upstairs. I don’t see them doing that unless they were required to. I thought there might be some requirement.

I am not a code inspector so my recommendations are for common sense or safety reasons. The client can decide if it’s important to him. Not minimizing code as it is a great resource.

From the ICC BB on the topic at hand.

So the answer would be good practice and if in a multi-unit dwelling,you would definatly want to at least point it out as a possible liability.
Wonder what home insurance companies say?

Agreed. The insurance company should offer a discount if you have one like they do for dead bolts.

Thanks Mike Larson,
I only quote code on new construction, and I always recommend a pan if one is not installed. I don’t understand why a pan is required for a water heater and not a washer where damage can be caused by leakage. Stupid logic…
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Regarding insurance companies and the washer pans. I don’t know about the pans, but because we have the FloodStop products, I have been interested in that issue too.

I have heard of one insurance company (I forget the name, but they are in New England) that will not write a policy for a home where the water heater is not protected with an actual shut off device, if it is within a certain distance from a “finished” area of the home.

There has been a buzz going around for about 6-8 months in the insurance industry about possibly mandating shut off devices.

Of course, we are hoping for this and that is why we have developed the entire FloodStop family of individual products as well as a whole house version that is wireless.

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