Washer Pan

I know this has been discussed before but…

I recently discovered that there is no requirement for a pan under a washer in an upstairs laundry room. Builder was very adament about not having to put pans under washers anymore. Cheap bastards. Anyway this house has a laundry room upstairs with no pan. I did call it out, as a concern. House also has a water heater in room adjacent to laundry and of course a pan is required here. I do not understand the logic…or lack of logic. Just venting.

Charlie](,) ](,)

Yep, you nailed it right Charlie…:twisted:

I always suggest a drain pan for washers.
With all the condo units I do maybe two had them and one had a drain line in place but no pan.
Anyway I always tell people to get a pan even if there is no drain.
You know you could go further and add them to dishwashers too, though that might not work out to well with the baseboards or the space.

I have a better idea lets just build the house inside a big drain pan and not have to worry about leaks at all;-)

in my years doing plumbing I have come to the conclusion that pans are about worthless. Its no different than having anything upstairs that uses water & could possibly leak, toilet, tub valve, etc.

Here it is Bob.


Marcel:) :smiley:

Here’s another option instead of a pan.