Washer Plumbing

Hey Guys,

I my state (the great state of Tennessee) the regulations say that I must operate all of the fixtures/faucets, except where there is an appliance hooked up. So how do I test the washer plumbing (hot & cold)?

Thanks for the help!

I carry a washing machine hook-up supply line to test them. Most of them leak due to lack of use, so be prepared or skip it and explain why.

Alternatively, you could operate the clothes washer (if installed) on Warm to test both supply valves.


Washers and dryers are not “permanent” appliances, therefore I do not test them.

You’re not testing the appliance directly, you’re testing the plumbing.



The inspector that lives down the street from you getting most of your business does operate the washer and dryer that is in place because he wants to know the electrical outlets are in deed working and he wants to know if the drain line for the washer is 1-1/2 inch or 2 inch because the newer washers can cause the 1-1/2 to overflow thus he fills the washer 1/2 full and spins the water down the drain.

If the washer is not in place he also connects the hose from his tool bag to the water connections and tests the drain in that manner. But that is just what your competitor does it does not mean you must exceed your SOP;-):mrgreen:

Hey cbottger, haha. Good point Thanks