Washing machines/outlets?

Could I get some imput as to what some of yuall do about washing machines and water hook ups (w/o the washer present) ?


Nothing, since there isn’t anything to check.
I just photo the water/drain cavity, and note in the report as untested.

Soooooooo, you don’t turn on the water just to make sure it runs?

I turn them on at the beginning of the inspection and then when I get to it during the inspection, I turn them off!:mrgreen:

Seriously, I carry a small bucket for just such testing purposes.

Carry a washer hose and run it from the valve to the drain. Then you can check the valves without making a mess

so what happens when there is a washer and dryer do you run them also ?

This is why we are waiting for the State SOP

LOL and till then what to do.
If it appears it has been used look for signs .
I will run the dryer if it is hard to find the vent .

I personally mark it as untested. What if it handle leaks and does not shut off? It didn’t leak before you were there. So do you just leave it leaking. Not saying I am right, just right for me.

Been there done that and after replacing the water cut-off handle, decided I was not going to do that again.

Yep i agree with you Russell Some what like trying the tprv

Until then you have INACHI SOP.

2.6. Plumbing

II. The inspector is not required to:

G. inspect clothes washing machines or their connections.

2.10. Doors, Windows & Interior

II. The inspector is not required to:

H. inspect or move any household appliances.

R. inspect appliances.

Same here,I also keep towels & paper towels in the truck. :cool:

When you test it you are looking for liability problems, that is why it is not in our SOP.

We will see what the State thinks.

I take a photo of the laundry room, with the appliances in place. I inspect the water, drain, and dryer connections as best I can by peaking behind the units as best I can. I mark the report “inspected”.

The NACHI, ASHI, and all of the other SoPs are minimums.
I go above that.
There are certain things I do not check. Shut off valves, especially the main one and the tpr valve.
Cleaning cycle on the range and microwave oven as well.

You need InterNACHI’s nifty microwave oven tester. It works great. Just think you can add that service for next to nothing.:smiley:

I got mine for free for some reason but cannot remember why.

Russ has it right and the reason it’s in our SOP to not inspect it is to limit our liability not becuase it’s a minimum.

I’m with Mike on this one. I use the NACHI microwave tester unless the client is there with kids, then I test by inserting a bag of popcorn and giving it to the kids after asking permission from the parents.

I check all the appliances. When the buyer wants to know if the appliances in the home they are buying work, I check them. If the home is occupied by the sellers, I get their permission to check. That works for me and my clients. May not work for anyone else but, it’s worked for me for the last 15 years.


Beware of the microwave testers, several years ago I bought one and thought wow this thing finds leaks well, noticed even that by cleaning the door to oven seal the leakage would go away. Sounds all nice until months later I started getting numbness in my right hand, well guess what, if you like cooking your hand keep testing, I for one dropped the practice and regained feelings in my hand (who knows the long term effects). Better to just check the operation (heats water…etc…). I would caution using popcorn and feeding kids, very nice jesture until a kid chokes on a kernel and now who’s liable???