Washer stand pipe

I know there is alot wrong with this picture. The plumbing is infront of the electrical panel, the washer stand pipe and the water heater vents out the side wall.
What do most of you recommend when you see stand pipes installed like this when the sanitery sewer is this high off the floor?

I would recommend installing a laundry tub with pump and discharging the washer in tub.

Just curious but what is the hose is for as it looks too small for a washer ?

Yep that is the only solution as the standpipe is to short and too high.
I believe the other line would be a condensate from the AC or High Efficiency Furnace.

What makes it too high besides looking funny ?

Some older washing machines would have trouble with that height. Most modern washers have a stand pipe height maximum of 8 feet and a minimum of 30 inches.

Could be the backwash line for a water softening system.

If you meant discharge being too high then it most likely is the septic tank location.

The clear plastic hose into the drain looks like a softener backwash drain. Unfortunately, I see a lot installed like this. Functionally, this open connection WILL fill the basement with waste water when the main drain plugs one day. Yes, that open pipe should be extended at least to the roof line.