Washer standpipe

Basement W & D setup. This washer drain line was added to main plumbing stack just to the right of dryer (& this pic) via a 3" to 11/2" saddle clamp/fitting.
What’s the minimum height for a washer standpipe? What would be some of the potential concerns, if any, with this set up?

Thanks in advance.

See illustration for height. Water overflowing due to improper height would be one concern.

pic appears afoul

? illustration for dimension accuracy

2012 IRC
P2706.2 Standpipes.
Standpipes shall extend not less than of 18 inches (457 mm) but not greater than 42 inches (1067 mm) above the trap weir. Access shall be provided to standpipe traps and drains for rodding.

Barry: The IBC is maximum in this instance that is an error and don’t wish to discuss why. I am not a plumber.:frowning:
Less is better and the maximum applies to what you should not do.
We want to follow the InterNachi guidelines for reasons of proper research. Ask a plumber and he may or may not know. Ask an inspector and he should know why.

Is that the only reason standpipes have a minimum height?


Ask Barry as he seems to be the authority on stand pipes.