Washing machine drain knockout

This is for my personal use.
What is the best way to remove the knockout. I farted away some time today trying to remove the so called cap. Is it a cap or is it molded altogether?
Hopefully someone with experience can help me with the best way to remove with out knocking it out and down the drain.

Smash it with a hammer and pray, Neil.

Seriously, I used a zip tool or roto tool.

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Flat head screwdriver and a hammer. They are a pain in the arse to remove. Might need a Stanley knife to work away at it.

Yea i was trying to use a zip tool but no luck. hammer and screwdriver seemed to just bounce off and was afraid to get aggressive with it.

Roto it is. More power, argh argh argh.
Thanks Larry.

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Copy that Stuart

I sent many of those down town by accident. Like mentioned above a screwdriver and hammer always gave me the best result.

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Hey, Neil, use a small tip regular tip screwdriver and poke one hole in the middle of the knockout, and then take the small tip screwdriver and poke around the perimeter, leaving around a 1/2 in. on the knockout, and then put the screwdriver in the middle slot and rotate the knockout upwards, it will break off without dropping it down the pipe, if you drop it down the pipe you may have to cut the pipe to get it out. Been there done that, good luck. :grinning:

grab it with a pair of channel lock pliers and give it a quick twist and pull…

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I did that one time and the whole knock-out fell down the pipe. :flushed:

Luckily, the plumber was still there and he owed me one…

I asked him not to use that China $h!t anymore and he laughed.

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