Washington Licensing board members?

Are there any washington NACHI members thinking of applying for a position on the Washington State Home Inspection Licensing Board? We are going to need a representative as they decide what kind of exam to administer or what fee to charge. You have to have 5 years experience as a HI.

Any takers?

I don’t have the time under my belt.

Is there any application process? I am aware that the board members are to be appointed by the governor, but not sure that there will be any application process. I suspect that the numerous individuals who put in many hours to be a part of the legislative process will be high on the pool for board members.

Needless to say I am probably not in the running because I don’t have an agenda (limiting competition through licensing, and creating a demand for diploma mills) :smiley:

Besides I don’t have the time either, as business is good, and boating season is opening today :slight_smile:

As far as fees, it is my understanding that DOL sets these in accordance with the projected cost of administering the licensing program. The board has no say in what those fees are.

There is an application process. When I spoke to the Governor’s office on Boards and Commissions, I was told there had only been 2 applications received. That was about a month ago. If anyone is interested, here is the link for applying.