Washington responds to Nick Gromicko's concerns about licensing board lopsidedness.

Currently the Washington State Department of Licensiing, the Washington Department of Agriculture, and the Washington Real Estate Commission have all approved InterNACHI’s courses: www.nachi.org/washington

That is something! Good work!

Not involved with setting of rules? No discipline actions?

Worthless. Sad for you guys. It is continually frustrating that HI’s cannot be involved with any legislative procedure that affects them.

It is all about government, and control, and all at the whims of the lobbying and contributing from the REA’s and crony associations.

As is typical of about any bureaucrat, she completely avoids the fact that the LAW states there cannot be more than 2 members of any organization on the Board. Not a rule, not a code, not a suggestion, the friggin codified LAW passed by the State Legislature and signed by the Governor.

The wording is not ambiguous and the fact that the DOL is attempting to bypass the LAW by changing the definition of “member”, is just to hide the incompetence of the Department for failing to perform their duties.

The DOL should not be “asking” people to inactivate their association membership. They should be requiring it as a condition of the appointment, and in accordance with STATE LAW.

So Stephen, you are claiming that they are, in essence, saying… if you are a wolf, just say you aren’t while you are in the hen house, and we won’t count you as a wolf. Is that about it?

I don’t care what they say, membership is membership is membership. You either are a member or you are not a member. One or the other. Saying you are not a member but still receiving referrals or having your name and information made available through an organization makes you a member and somewhat beholden to that organization.

When certain Board members state IN WRITING on state provided documents that, “we should get rid of this language just like ASHI did in their SOP”, that shows the bias that exists. The State SOP should not be compared to the ASHI SOP, or the InterNACHI SOP, or the NAHI SOP. It is the State SOP.

The DOL does not act by itself regardless of what Ms. Jarvis states. EVERY rule or change to do with home inspectors is run past the BOARD first. They discuss, vote, and that recommendation is sent to the DOL Director to proceed with public hearings. Nothing, since the HI laws were enacted in 2009, has gone to the Director for changing without agreement and recommendation by the BOARD.

We recently heard that the board governing the NHIE (national home inspector exam) had 1 or more board members that were long time died in the wool ASHI members sign up with other home inspector associations so the board could say they represent ALL associations AND are not just run by their mother that hatched them…

If/when all these stets know the truth about whose behind the Curtin…LOL


There are two problems in Washington State:

First, InterNACHI members, in general, don’t apply to be on the licensing board. They are busy running their businesses. The licensing boards are mostly (not always) full of power trippers.

Second, Washington State loves InterNACHI. They approve all of our home inspection courses, they approved Inspection Universe, their Department of Agriculture approved our WDO course, their real estate commission approved our courses for agents, etc. We just don’t have any damages here to complain about.

Just remember. ALL those classes were first approved by the original, BALANCED Board. Since they were previously approved, the DOL would be hard pressed to change their mind midstream.

You never know what will happen with a brand new course that was not previously approved.

I wonder how an ethics course will go…LMAO…