Washington State Inspectors and SPI

It has been well known in the State of Washington for many years that if you perform home inspections, then you better have your structural pest inspector license.

The laws regulating inspections by anyone reporting wood destroying organsims and/ or their conducive conditions, for use in a real estate transaction, clearly state that the report must be performed by a licensed structural pest inspector (SPI). That includes portions of the home inspection we are required to report on by our SOP as NACHI Members.

Unfortunately one of our misguided members chose not to heed the warnings and advice of several other Washington inspectors. This person was fined by the WSDA as reported in a news release a couple weeks ago.

This individual chose to listen to other NACHI members who do not even work in this state. These members stated that NACHI’s position was that HI’s did not need to follow the SPI law. Their interpretation was wrong, and an individual member was harmed as a result. These people are not attorneys, and when asked if NACHI legal counsel had reviewed their Official NACHI position, the answer has always been, NO.

Here is the link the the news release.http://agr.wa.gov/news/2007/07-29.htm

Here is the link where the NACHI member was duped into believing that inspectors in Washington don’t need an SPI license. (only one of many threads, and it is long)
http://www.nachi.org/forum/showthread.php?t=15196&highlight=position+washingt on

Lesson learned, rely on local information. If you are not sure consult with a real attorney, not someone who plays one on the NACHI message board. Our business is too important to let individuals underqualified tell us how to run it.

For those that mislead this individual…you first owe and apology to the person fined, second you should pony up the money to pay for the fine. You know who you are.

Harold -

I’m curious, what are you referring to in the SOP that says we report on wood destroying organisms? I couldn’t find anything in the SOP that specifically states this, maybe I’m missing something.

– bz

Harold, you seem to be the only voice of dissent left in the flock. Good job.

I brought this same idea up on another message board last week, about how Mr Bushart and others should chip in and help her pay her fine, or even better her legal fees as she was advised, by them over a period of months that WSDA could not enforce its warning to her.

Some of those who went along with Jame’s advice though, dropped her like the proverbial Hot Potato, it wasn’t ther fault that she took their advice, it was hers. Now the story goes that she should have gotten her advice from an attorney, which is just what almost every Washington Inspector had told her to do.

The events of the past couple of weeks, Wendy’s Fine and now the Court Decision in Michigan doesn’t leave much credibility for the InterNachi Latrine Lawyers does it. It seems they have been wrong on almost every count.

Be careful though Harold, disagreeing with the “Pack” could cost you your membership, even though you were right, it’s happened before.

Hey Lewis,
Long time no see. I have not spent much time in the fray on this board. Been knocking out a ton of inspections.
25 this month, …which is great for what is a typically slow month.

As far as the “pack” I really don’t care much. I don’t come to them looking for answers that would improve my business. I am too busy being succesful, while they having nothing better to do than to be “internet home inspectors”. Clearly part timers at best…

Hope all is going well over on your side of the mountains.

You will have to fill me in on what you did to piss off Bushart enough to get booted. I am sure it was just horrible. :slight_smile:


Hope all is well

This is the first that I have heard of this situation. It seems to me that anyone that would take advice without talking with the jurisdiction authority or without reading the law itself is not very contientious. The same applies to those from out of state giving advice regarding our laws, when they do not understand them or operate under them.

Washington state has a unique law that is about to change next summer. I see inspection providers in my area of Vancouver trying to operate without an SPI license and they are taking huge risks.

My advice to the inspector hurt by this is to pay the fine, learn and call some other inspectors in the area and talk things through when you dont know. We all work together better helping each other succeed. Ride alongs are a great way to meet fellow inspectors.