Wasps nests

Do you add the presence of wasp nests to your report? And if you do, what type of recommendation or further evaluation do you recommend?

Only if they pose an imminent safety issue. As oppose to being high up on a gable.
All buildings down here have them.

If they affect the inspection. For example, when a live wasp nest fell out of the chimney when I opened the damper, I didn’t inspect the rest of the fireplace. My clients whole-heartedly agreed with my decision.


I do , and recommend a licensed pest control to treat .

Hit them with a broom them run like hell.

Really Roy , i mark them up around here even at high points . BTW a reminder don’t drop your gum in the parrot house it hard to find and sort it out .

It depends where they are. It’s a judgement call.

I carry wasp and hornet spray with me. Just in case the are in my way. If not I leave them alone.

I note them, active or not.

No recommendation is made for an inactive nest.

I generally say something like …don’t lick that…

Ok! What do you lick?

Why must they be evaluated. They are either there or they are not there. You either report on them or you dont. If you do you need to make a recommendation or report it as an FYI. Oh by the way, in your decision to report ornot, remember that you are supposed to be reporting on issues that affect the health, safety, and welfare of your client.

Yes. It adds an unknown value to the report. Most people I have worked for really care about the people that work on their homes. Even if it is a day laborer that is going up a 30 foot ladder to paint an eve, they feel good knowing they have warned them first about the presence of wasps.

Also, I believe it helps in the area of liability… if I noticed something as simple or arbitrary as wasps nests, in addition to other FYI items, it shows I care. People don’t sue nice people
Also, my clients should be thinking that if I missed something they deem as important (whether it really is or not), “it must have been really difficult to see, at the time of the inspection, because he had an eye for detail in other places.” …“and he was such a nice guy”
For the record, I do expect to miss things and I do want my clients to call me if it is important.

Same here.

Attic is fine, nothing up there.:shock:

Nice wasp house!
Even got electric.:wink: