Waste line on the surface?

First time for everything…
Today inspection i found the house waste pipe run at the surface outside where normal traffic from walking and yard maintenance can damage it inadvertently. This is obviously an issue but does someone have the wording for the code requirement for how deep it needs to be?

You should easily be able to look up your codes for North Carolina. Look under the DWV section. If there’s a requirement the book should list it.


Martin putting them to work! :muscle: :man_technologist: :open_book:


Recommend it be deep enough to prevent potential damage to waste line… :wink:

What’s the frost depth in your area?

UPC 718.3 Protection From Damage

No [sewer] shall be installed under or within 2 feet (610 mm) of a building or structure, or part thereof, nor less than 1 foot (305 mm) below the surface of the ground. The provisions of this subsection include structures such as porches and steps, whether covered or uncovered; breezeways; roofed porte cocheres; roofed patios; carports; covered walks; covered driveways; and similar structures or appurtenances.

“roofed porte cochere”. Hello google.

From the other day, house on a slab, so they figured they could just run it outside :roll_eyes:

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Hey, I’m from an area where most homes were built before indoor plumbing. We see THAT all the time, just with cast iron. No problem whatsoever, not a defect here. Sometimes they even paint them pretty.

The vent cover on the other hand… and what’s with that upside down copper water valve, and the sewer “vent”?

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I am from New York, we have this thing called freezing… it causes havoc on outdoor plumbing filled with water and exposed to the elements.

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If your (waste) plumbing is “filled with water” you have bigger problems to worry about!!


Jeff, don’t get carried away, we are attempting to have a serious piping discussion! :grinning:


Coulda fooled me. If your waste pipe holds water, you have a SERIOUS problem, one being it is now full of turds!! Seriously!


Photo of the offending pipe.
Thanks to all for their input!!

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