Watch Out!!!

These things can make you hurt yourself!!!

Wow!..yes they can. My bug guy and I had to dodge some just last week. Aggressive little sob’s!

I used to get popped all the time (especially them frigging yellow jackets and paper wasps) then started carrying a can of the Wasp bomb that shoots a stream about 15 ft. I don’t know what it has in it but it will “suspend their animation” in about a second. Most just fall to the ground dead on the spot and some appear to be frozen in place. Never leave home w/o it anymore. I always carry some Benadryl (oral and topical) too.

Yes, I agree on the Benadryl…I invested in a nice 1st Aid Kit and have had to dip into it a couple of times. :frowning: I think I’ll take your advice on the wasp bomb as well.

Same here (bandaids too). Empty homes seem to have more wasps than those occupied. Nothing like bending down to look at the data tag on the backside of an outdoor HVAC unit only to find yourself face to face with a huge wasp nest tucked in under the back corner of the casing. I am not ashamed to run away bravely. Then I come back armed.

I sprayed them with wasp killer. I was not so lucky last week.

Found these on the intake and exhaust pipes for a furnace - guess what I found inside the furnace?