Care full !..........what you reach for !!

whats really differant is the last pic showing the boys on the left doing what they do, but to the right there is a lot of them hanging around as if their ready for an epic battle waiting for the nesters to hurry up so they can get the show on the road. Kind of reminds me of the movie brave heart ,:neutral:I know but its my favorite movie:). Favorite line "ITS MY ISLAND"any way thought you might think twice where you put your hands !:cool:


That’s just nasty!
This was my find today…

Good one ,be safe !

I’ve been hit three times this year! once by a wasp and twice by yellow jackets

I’ve been stung a couple times while coming down the ladder off a roof. Why do they get me when I can’t use one or both hands to bat them away?

Really though it’s poison ivy that I fear more than wasps. I just have to look at that plant and it seems like I break out.

I got attacked by a swarm on a roof last summer, I’m typically solo on a job, but that day I brought my son along to “apprentice/gopher” so he was footing the ladder making a quicker descent possible. I was stung 10 times all in the head and face…Fastest I ever traversed a roof. Now I carry bee/wasp spray in the truck too…

I lifted up the edge of the gutter guard and i happened to select a spot where a nest was.