Watch the new Structural Inspection of a House training episode. No exam.

Structural Inspection of a House.

All I get is the promo video. Is is not available yet?

The real video will be up within an hour. Nick just got too excited :slight_smile:

Sorry, ya’ll.

It’s up live now!

Thanks boys, great episode BTW.

Very educational, thanks!!

There website some good info as well.

Glad its not my house!


Marc-Andre Beauchemin

Very cool video! thanks for putting it together.

Hey…Really informative thread

So a guess building on the side of a hill or in sand is not a good Idea.

Mathew 7:26

And the rain poured down and the floods came and the wind blew and struck against the house and it caved in,and its collapse was great.:shock:

Awesome Video, It pains me to think how much was spent repairing that massive concrete structure Vs doing it right the first time.

Good structural assessment Video Nick. Man, that guy talks fast. :wink:

at 11:51 pm, eastern time, I can only get the preview.

“Don’t build your house on the sandy land, although it might look kinda nice you will have to build it twice”

He really knew his stuff. I just hit record, and he did all the work.
I filmed Kenton in a hole under a house in this video -

Good video on expansive soils Ben.
Keep up the good work. :):smiley: