NACHI.TV releases new educational show. FREE!


Now this is one video (of several) that every inspector should make it a point to watch and learn. Not many home inspectors get the opportunity to watch a professional Electrician literally walk you through a defective SE and it’s components.

Cudos to everyone involved in the making of this video. It’s definitely a learning experience.

:stuck_out_tongue: AGREED! :stuck_out_tongue:

Nick this and the Home Inspection according to the SOP video should be a requirement before certification of new home inspectors. Excellent job and thanks for offering it free of charge.

Agreed - this is a great video. Very informative and interesting. I expected to get bored when I saw the length, but I enjoyed it.

Ben thanks for the information you posted. IMO if you make the 40 hr video that your working on a requirement BEFORE a new HI can join I assure you this organization will stand far away from it’s peers. For us already certified and those new guys coming in advertising this fact should produce golden results.

Some electricians do not agree.

Shows are not courses, we have no control over what a 30 year veteran, master electrician or any interviewed guest initally says. They are also meant to be entertaining. We could read word for word from the NEC but I don’t suspect anyone wants to watch that.

We sought comments from all over the world. Some conflict but we sorted them all out.

A 2nd edition of the show will be released next week.

We actually re-edit everything we produce over time.

It is unrealistic for us to expect that even a master electrician will state everything perfectly or that all other electricians will agree with everything he states, and so we heavily rely on expert comment for all subsequent editions.

Throughout the world, codes, standards, courses, books, etc, evolve similarly.

Editing it before it went out the first time would save you the embarassment and rejection from an entire industry…dontcha think?

After all, you advertise this course in the forum called “Education” and, when the usual calvacade of comedic errors come to light…you claim it is for “entertainment purposes, only”.

This is not the first call…not even the tenth call…for someone to filter out what is published as fact by NACHI Tv.

You make us all look stupid with this crap, Nick.

Your “client” complemented the the work and offered some corrections to improve it.

Get over yourself.:frowning:

NACHI.TV doesn’t try to influence what a guest says or even what he/she wants to talk about. It is an unscripted interview with a real 30 year veteran master electrician. I found the episode very interesting, although there will always be someone who technically disagrees with some of his statements or actions. And of course it is not an indication of what a home inspector should be doing on a home inspection, of course. But the show was very good IMHO.

We are also adding a disclosure to the front of each show explaining thet the views expressed on our TV show are… bla bla bla.

To the guest’s critics I say… I think the show is a reflection on master electricians… not inspectors or camera men or boom mic operators.

To our critics I say… we’re working on improving the audio and will be coming out with full screen episodes soon.

Paul has his own opinions.

The post was entitled “New **Educational **Show, Free” and appeared in the “Educational Forum”.

The genius who proclaims the Kansas HI law as the most HI friendly law in the country is now wanting us to believe that this video was not presented for educational purposes…but for entertainment purposes.

Not all of us…(apparently, only a few of us)…are as hopelessly stupid as Nick would like to believe.

There is nothing entertaining about bad information being put out as “education”.

Jim writes:

I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were a master electrician. I’m sure the guest didn’t intend to make you or ALL other master electrician’s look stupid.

It was an unscripted, onsite (albeit our set) interview that I found to be very educational.

When these so-called “educational” (your word) videos hit the airwaves with the NACHI label…they reflect upon all of us.

I found the interview very educational.


And I honestly don’t know what the fuss is all about, see this type of work on a daily basis.

Everybody has to be to the letter of the Bible here or what.

Means and the methods are left to the installer, how the Code is interpetated belongs to the Code Council not on the Nachi TV or its viewers.

Sorry, had to vent.

Marcel :):smiley:

So HJ thinks that Kenton has the IQ of a brick? Hmmmmm

Why don’t you guys ask the pro’s what they thought of it.

I think some thought it was a show about codes, represents what an inspector should do, or a course. It is none of those. It is an interview with a master electrician who does things and explains things his way.


All your NACHI TV episodes should represent and be taught as a course on a level of a home inspector not a master electrician with years of experiece in that particular field. Don’t get me wrong excellent video however what you said above is only going to confuse people.