Water Damaged Ceiling

I recently inspected a property that appeared to have water damage along the ceiling and down a wall. Directly above is a full bath and as I was concerned with ongoing moisture issues, I used a surface (not probe) moisture meter in this area to make a final judgement. In doing so, part of the ceiling crumbled before I even got close to it. As you can see in the picture, the corner is cracked and damage is visible down the wall. The seller is irate and wants me to pay for the drywall repair. I explained that there was preexisting damage and I don’t feel responsible for the repair. What are your thoughts?

Pay for what repair? The leak?

Repair of the drywall.

What about what caused it? Can they access from above to fix?

Regardless, who cares what the seller says. That was not cause by a moisture meter.

I was told that the previous plumbing leak was addressed. The drywall was loose and barely hanging there to begin with.

The wall is also cracked from past moisture the whole mess should have been repaired at the time of the leak. I would not pay for anything.

Not you fault ,You found it recorded it and reported it and wrote it up . Not your client , Talk soft and move on.

No way, no how. That was severe latent damage that should have already been corrected. Sheetrock is supposed to have greater integrity than toilet paper. You found a defect. I’m sure it extends well past the area of complete failure. Document it as such.

I’m sorry, I do not have a magic wand that I waived across your ceiling to cause damage AND create the water stains.
I am happy I discovered the damage for my client!
Walk away! It’s soooooooo stupid I would not even return another call from him.
**note: possible hidden damage may exist.

Thank you all!