inspection - ceiling

In my living room there were a couple places where the drywall tape was becoming obvious
on the ceiling. I tried to patch that myself and the texture does not match. I’m concerned about the inspection - I want to sell - what will the inspector likely say on the report?
Would he likely just say ceiling has been patched? I would like the buyer to ask me about this rather than just get alarmed because there has never been a leak or staining and that is what I’m concerned they’ll think. I’ve asked several people and they think the tape application was probably not the best so over time it degraded in a couple places.

This is what I would say: “Evidence suggests repairs to the ceiling have occurred in the LOCATION(rooms-interior) ceiling, which you should ask the sellers to explain or have explored further.”

Well first off he’s going to assume a past or possible present leak. Water stains however can be covered by jobs like the one you described. Then he’ll either take out a moisture meter or worse yet a Infra Red camera to check for possible moisture intrustion. If none exist he’ll simply write it up stating “amature repairs” something along that line. If I was you I would actually get a drywall expert to come out and fix before the inspector gets there if your worried about alarming anyone. Spending a few bucks now will make you alot more in the long run. Trust me I’ve flipped many and if it was me I would fix it before showing the house. People let’s their imagination fly to far when they see minor issues sometimes.

Simply disclose this defect and the Buyers inspector will just check for a moist area after all the appliances have been operated.

If this area is dry, loose drywall tape is not a deal killer.

Be honest. I agree with David.