Water Damaged surfaces within the HVAC return - do you test?

You’ve seen it dozens of times… and if you are newer, you will see it dozens of times.

You arrive to your inspection… depending on your order of things, you end up in the garage. You find a Platform for the Furnace/FAU and Water Heater, which has leaked, contaminating the Return Air Compartment.

You pull the air handler cover, remove the filter inspecting the surfaces contained within… you see moldy water damaged surfaces and many times they are still wet.

You can discern what you think it is… but you’re not sure.

Do you operate the HVAC equipment…? As this is a vacant home, you may be contaminating a system with “stuff”. BUT, you have a job to do… the client may be more interested in knowing that their Furnace and AC work, more than your indicating that you don’t recommend running the equipment until the problem is taken care of and cleaned up.

But the question remains… you have a dirty/moldy/rotten platform that houses the return air compartment for the furnace… Do you operate the HVAC?

Vacant foreclosed home do not have the water on no leaks:p:p

I’ve edited it… for the sake of discussion, it’s just moldy and ugly…

Side stepper :slight_smile:

Do you think you are the only one who has activated the HVAC system since the problem has been there? Run it! Every house has mold in it if you test hard enoough? Why do you think is shows up on wet drywall after only24 hours? It is there just needed moisture and food.

I’m in line with your thinking… but this was brought up for the exact reason you mentioned… the part where WHO/WHEN system was run last. Is someone “furthering” a problem or not.

It does not really matter to me if there is mold in the return it is already contaminated. If the home is to be properly re mediated the HVAC system will have to be re mediated including treatment of the A-coil its a mute point

Sure … and if it’s direct vent run it with the blower door cover off … :wink: