Water heater additional vent

Saw this in today’s inspection. In the first pic you can see the additional vent, possibly left over from a previous install. The second pic tells… the rest of the story.


belongs in the WTF thread!


Gives the vent some extra draft.

Gotta give points for that bracket install though. :+1:

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It looks like the cap for the upper flue pipe is on the water heater.

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If I am not mistaken, that is a abandoned flue. The end cap is on the water heater.
If it was a product of a HVAC venting contractor, there should be a damper on the extension flue to prevent back drafting.


I saw the “end cap” on the water heater but didn’t recognize it as an end cap. It had a hose bib valve laying inside of it. (red handle)

Probably just following the engineer’s plans.

Looks like they started above and saw it was going to hit the copper pipe, so they just went lower with the second run. Had to keep the pipe supported by the hanging bracket so they just left the upper vent and forgot to insert the vent cap. The cap is still lying on top of the water heater.

It never fails to amaze me what contractors will do!

somebody didn’t finish their job…beer thirty arrived too soon…


Interesting hole and white discoloration on the duct.
Drafting problem on previous water heater?


Chances are you did not get any CO out of that open end, but that is a write up!

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Good eyes. Was looking at that also.