Gas Water Heater Install Question

Ran into this today doing an insurance inspection down here in florida, it wasn’t part of the inspection but screamed homeowner install to me, was curious how you guys would write this up… lol

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turn off the gas and call for immediate repairs by a qualified plumber…


Like James said just report evaluation and repair by a licensed plumbing contractor. I don’t even know what in the hell is going on with that flue pipe. Are you sure this isn’t a Photoshop spoof?

I think that sediment trap was excited to see you.


What the hell?



.screamed homeowner install to me.

Let’s hope so, god help those in your area if a licensed plumber installed that mess.

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I would post. IMMEDIATELY to the WTF thread on this forum.

Then I would turn off the gas, and write an note for the owner, explaining the reason for that action. And finally I’d track down the CO detectors in the home, and test them.

That picture is destined for the cover of a HI training manual :slight_smile:


You guys are so picky! :flushed: :roll_eyes: :crazy_face:


It was working like that for months and nothing happened.


Except for the evidence of backdrafting.

That’s adhesive from improper tape.

That is corrosion on the draft hood from backdrafting. There is no evidence of any adhesive seeping anywhere else on the flue pipe.

You’re probably right, I’m sure it’s drafting just fine in its current configuration :rofl:

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Corrosion doesn’t happen overnight on a new hood even with bad drafting.

This doesn’t appear to be new there are homeowners belongings inside of the garage. End of subject Simon enjoy your day.

Thank you, you too!

I am really curious about the PVC? pipe coming down off the plastic Tee fitting.

Unless the silly DIY’er really goofed it up, the old water heater called for a condensate trap.

It is a condensate drain line as it went to the exterior.

WOW, Now that is truly amazing. Somehow, I still get shocked when I see things like this.