Water Heater age disagreement

GE Electric Water Heater Serial # 0699B29296. Info I have says 1999. Owner of home says 2006 MFR. What do you say?

First two digits is the month … next two are the year. Stick to 1999 and put the burden on the seller to get something from the manufacturer to prove otherwise.



Wouldn’t be the first time a WH was installed years after it was manufactured. Many plumbing companies purchase in bulk to get better pricing. In the warehouse they go until needed/sold.

Ever hear the term… “New Old Stock”?

Btw… even if 2006… it’s almost out of warranty and it’s expected lifespan anyway.

When I report on the age of the WH, I use the term “Manufactured in” as in Manufactured in 1999. doesn’t matter when it was installed.

Maybe the owner is talking about the ANSI year?