Help with water heater age!

Hot water heater is a craftsman,
Year week is 0720044.

Would I be correct in assuming it is July of 2004?

Thank you.

Look at the ANZI date. It will give under which ANZI it was built and go from there, If ANZI is 2000(-1-2-3-4-5-6-7-?), then it would be 2007, understand?

Normally the first 4 digits or digits and letters of the SERIAL # give the build date.
0720 = 20th week of 2007.

Thanks Rick.

What is the serial #?

** From what I see it’s July 2004.**

I will remind you that just because the home was built in 1955 it does not mean that the appliances were buit the same year or even 2 years before.

Serial #0120102140

Does this change your thoughts?

The week year stamp was as posted above, I would think that would be what I go by.

Thank you for your 2 pennies Tallen.

Are we even in the 20th week of 07 yet?

Water Heater Age Calculator

Was it a craftsman?

Or was it a Craftmaster, a brand manufactured by American?

Key to the serial number for American is a 2-digit year and 2-digit week.

0720**** means the 20th week of 2007. Fer example.

understanding water heater date codes

.pdf"]water heater date code chart](

Good call, it is a US Craftmaster.


Since you were consistent in usage, it’s obvious that it wasn’t just a typo. That should be ANSI.

No, you would not.

Year week being 0720 would mean 07 is the year, and 20 is the week. However, the 20th week of 07 has not arrived yet, so I believe your 07 is actually an 01, so the 20th week of 2001 would be my take on it.

Yes. The 20th week of 2001.