water heater boxed in by dryer

I’ve had dryer and water heaters in the same room, but this one was boxed in solid. I have concerns with lint and air drawing issues,.
Are there any specifics someone knows dealing with proper clearances as I dig throught the books?

imo, code words are irrelevant

turn on dryer
test w/smoke pen or other testing device at wh draft hood w/door to that room open & closed
any back draft present/observed report as a deficiency

or if you roll wimpy & believe this exceeds sop just advise of negative combustion/draft air flow potential and have a qualified plumber confirm & get ready for an unwarranted service call bill…the last guy obviously thought it was fine ;~))

Pretty much how they design Condos now in days.
I agree it is a bad location but people are not going to take them out because you do not like them or fear lint causing issues.

Check flues,makeup air,drain pans,dryer vent material and connections,etc .Usually the furnace is crammed in there as well.