Dryer vent inside

What do you guys think about those indoor dryer vent boxes. I didn’t even know there was such a thing until today. Do you guys say anything about them?

NVM. Apparently its a code violation. That is enough for me to write it up. (No I am not going to mention code)

Also found this if anyone is interested


Feel like your professor today but if electric and in a condo they are not gonna care about the humidity issue when they can dry clothing in the unit.

Often there is no way to vent when done like that and those buckets never are kept filled with water plus lint ends up all over the walls.

Still they will not care what you write with no options given them…

It was a house. They can easily vent it to the outside

Referencing model building codes is NOT bad juju, despite all of the dire predictions of certain doom.

Yeah there seems to be more people saying this than when I first joined. I agree that “dire predictions of certain doom” are hyperbolic but I still don’t want to cite them and I mainly posted that so people wouldn’t bombard me with the precautions.

It’s not a good idea to “cite” code in your report, simply because you (we) are not code enforcement officials.

However, when the call comes in from the angry seller (or whomever may feel like arguing over the matter), having/knowing the reference can put it to rest quickly.

I get emails often from sellers, builders, agent, etc., complaining about something I have written up in a report. That’s when I “cite” the code. I give them the section number and copy-paste the reference. That almost always ends the discussion.

A “Vented Dryer” installed “without a Vent”

… Is a Defective Installation…

Currently 2 Options…

Recommend Installation of a Vent with an Exterior Termination…
Replacement of the Dryer with a Ventless Appliance (Condensing type) suitable for the current application…

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