Water heater conversion

Anyone ever see this before. Electric water heater converted into a zoned storage tank from the boiler.

Zaslavskiy 038 (Small).JPG

It appears to have a recirculation pump installed as well… Perhaps what this zone is serving could provide some answers.

That’s what I meant by zoned. It was electric now it’s connected to the boiler with a circulating pump. Thermostat wire comes out where the original conductors were.

Peter, I have seen it but rarely. kind of a hybrid…it works but I can not comment on its efficiency etc. The hot water coming from the boiler tankless coil is piped to the cold water inlet of the water heater. Some people do not like the temperature fluctuations of a typical tankless coil system…so I suppose this mitigates the fluctuations. I just explain how it works to the client and move on. Isn’t it fun when a crafty “young” vet inspector such as you are finds something new?

Sure is, I had to look at it a couple times, scratched my head and said WTF!!

You should have seen the inside of the electrical panel, geez!!