water heater date help needed


I need some help identifying the date of this water heater. Its a Lochinvar model. See image attached with serial and Mod#'s. If anyone can help me with this I would appreciate it.
Thank you in advance.



Thanks Larry. That site doesn’t help with this model.
My serial # does not jive with the format listed on that link you gave. I did check that site before originally posting. It appears that the serial format on that site starts with alpha characters. The serial # on the water heater in question does not have alpha characters at the beginning. I am still unable to determine this date.

Lochinvar Technical Service 800-722-2101
I was bored so I called…

They said it was manufactured on January 26th 2015

Thanks for the info. That means the Serial# breaks down as: (First 4 digits): YYWW

Saved for future reference.

Thank You Kelly!
I will also save for future reference.