Lochinvar Water Heater Age?

I can not find the reference to determine the age of a Lochinvar Water Heater. SN is BH6479275 and the MN is DVN051. Any help would be much appreciated.

Hmmm, I have never seen nor heard of that brand of WH.

I wish you luck.

Call em…maybe they can help you.


Google search turned up http://www.lochinvar.com/ Hope this helps

Roy Cooke

Thanks everyone. This is the first of this brand I can remember seeing. I was trying to finish the report tonight but I guess I will estimate the age. Shall I say between 1 and 25? :slight_smile:

Email Russell Ray. I bet he knows

It was 1965, 1985 or 2005. They use the same coding as Bradford/Whitehttp://www.inspectorsjournal.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=2542

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Beginning in 1973, Lochinvar started using a letter year followed by a letter month, excluding certain letters.

Letter years:

A - 1973
B - 1974
C - 1975
D - 1976
E - 1977
F - 1978
G - 1979
H - 1980
J - 1981
K - 1982
L - 1983
M - 1984
N - 1985
P - 1986
S - 1987
T - 1988
W - 1989
X - 1990
Y - 1991
Z - 1992
A - 1993
B - 1994

Letter months:

A - Jan
B - Feb
C - Mar
D - Apr
E - May
F - Jun
G - Jul
H - Aug
J - Sep
K - Oct
L - Nov
M - Dec

So I believe you have an August 1994 unit. Now if you were here in San Diego—where I quite often find water heaters from the 1960s and 1970s, still going strong—you might have an August 1974 unit. You would have to evaluate other clues (ANSI date, house build date, etc.) to arrive at the date of manufacturer.

But since you’re in Wisconsin, I believe you have an August 1994 unit.

Yes, but no, I believe.

My information indicates that while both Lochinvar and Bradford White re-arranged their coding letters, Lochinvar re-started their coding beginning in 1973, whereas Bradford White did not.

For a Bradford White, you would be correct. For Lochinvar, see my previous post.

I got this from a Lochnivar service tech


Guess they couldn’t decide on a single system so they chose to use them all.

Confirms what I posted, which I knew anyway, but I went further by posting what months and years the letters mean. I should be a Lochinvar tech, I guess.