Water heater exhaust pipe

Water heater exhaust pipe through drywall.

This just does not look right. Any comments would be appreciated?


Cuz its not right… Needs to be properly installed per pipe manufacturers recommended clearances from building materials.

needs one inch clearance.

Doesn’t even look like B-vent, which if its single wall would need more clearance.

6" to anything flammable for single wall pipe.

I don’t believe that sheetrock is really all that flammable myself but I suppose it is considered “flammable”? :wink:

The paper face is.

I thought single wall was prohibited in residential structures?

http://www.statewaterheaters.com/lit/im/res-Gas/184115-000.pdf (pg 11)


Now, Google “Is drywall combustible”?

Type B (double wall) gas vent requires minimum 1" to combustibles.
Is it old enough to be off the ground"
single wall is 6" clearance to combustible materials…

It looks like a 3" vent.
.IRC T2427.2(1) UMC 808.0
No single wall in attic or cold or concealed space2426.7.6 815.1
Sheet metal screws to appl. vent collar 2426.10.7 815.1
(three sheet metal screws at connection to vent 2426.10.12 815.1

Minimum clearance to combustible for single wall is 6 inches T2426.7.7 T3-3
Single wall may not pass through floor or wall 2426.10.15 815.2.2.6
3in.-dia. connector OK to 4in.-dia.flue collar if fan assisted appliance and vent height is >10 ft. 2427.2.2
Connector not >two sizes larger than flue collar 2427.2.10

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