Water heater flue vent taped

New construction, about 6 months old. Natural gas water heaters are located in the garage, exiting through the attic and the roof.

Can the flue vent for water heater be taped at the sections?

Isn’t there an appropriate connector for single wall to double wall pipe?

Thanks for the help !!


Taping or caulking is acceptable in my neck of the woods. But just because everybody does it, does not make it right. At least it is not duct tape.

I ususaly see screws underneath the tape Linda

Connections should be made with 3 screws. Why not use B-vent connector from hot water appliance to B-vent flue.

The high-temperature metallic tape has been approved by many of the AHJ’s in my neck of the woods. You’ll probably still find screws underneath the tape, though. I always have. It seems the tape is used as a backup system to help keep the screws in place and to help prevent leaks at the connectors. I’m all for backup systems.

It appears they’ve used a straightened elbo for a length of pipe and I don’t see any screws (or tape) at the eblo joints…non-professional.