water heater flue pipe

Is the metal tape ok around the flue?


In my area it is excepted, but I would like to see the hose fastened on the water better than tape, such as some screws.

Screws are required at the hood connection ,and you need double wall in an un heated space.
Due to condensation issues.

Here is a good article.

Screws are not required and should not be used on B-vents, as they are self-locking. This appears to be a B-vent, but I can’t tell for certain. If it’s not, it’s improper. B-vents are required for heat vents in the attic or other concealed locations.

Richard that venting doesn’t look right to me. it appears that a short section of 4" flexible aluminum chimney liner has been attcahed to the b-vent with tape. Tape is not an acceptable way to secure any type of vent pipe servicing a gas appliance. Screws are required at the water heater draft hood and this b-vent to flex connector is used to connect the flex (see link) Jefferey is correct that b-vent should be used for the entire length. The b-vent exiting the roof doesn’t appear to be properly secured or straight.

From that picture the hood to vent connection looks crooked and dependent on tape.

I dont like it at all the flex pipe the tape yheres no fire proofing around the heater

Is it me? That looks like a section of flexible aluminum dryer exhaust!!

It could be, but there is also flue piping that looks like this too. I got caught on that recently with a furnace…

For example:

Double Wall Flexible Gas Vent Connector



I have seen them but do not recall how i determined they were that type off hand.
Anyone know a good quick way to tell they are double wall.?

They are actually single wall rated as double wall. Look at the connections as they are self locking and single wall are screw together. On the connections is the rating sticker. I see it all the time and have it on both my furnace and water heater.


Same here.

Does not look the same…but im looking at a picture. I think its a dryer vent attached from my view point.

looks like drier vent to me also