water heater hums?

can someone help? My gas GE 50 gal water heater has a low hum after about 1 min after running. this unit has air inlet vents on the side and this is where the noise is coming from. I have flushed the tank 2 times did not help, I can blow into the vents and the hum goes away. the flame is blue and the gas line does not vibrate.? what would be causing this hum? the water heater is only about a week old.

thank you

Try going to GE website and pull up tech support.

Many times there is a troubleshooting section that might answer your question. For example, A.O. Smith has a very detailed site with many FAQ’s.

Hope this helps!

It is apparent that air flow through the vents are causing resonance of the vent. This condition may change with weather conditions, draft volume etc.

A slight modification of the vent may be required to disturb the air flow pattern through the vent. All registers and vents will resonate sound at certain air velocities. It is similar to an unbalanced tire on your car. It only shakes at 50 miles an hour. It is not apparent at low speeds and goes away at high speeds. It is always shaking, but you only hear it at certain frequencies.

Installation of the flue system is different from installation to installation and you may have just hit the proper frequency for resonance to be heard.

A pic pointing out the “side inlet vent” would be good. If it is the vent it could be loose baffles in the vent. They usually sit into slots cut into the top of the vent opening on the top.