Water heater & HVAC ages?

I see a lot of posts on this board where inspectors are looking for manufacture dates.

What if everyone, or whoever wanted to, were to submit their information, and someone or a group put it all together in one NACHI place?

That way members could go there and get what they need without waiting for a MB reply, 24/7. Put it in Members Only.

My concern is that this may create a liability for NACHI if someone got incorrect information.

What say you? Good idea or bad idea?

HVAC Dates

Water Heater dates

It’s great that so many here are willing to help someone in need.

But what I was suggesting is that it would be beneficial to all members, not non-members, if this information were held at a “NACHI page” where members could go and get it instantly. David’s information is great; can we get a “NACHI link” to it?

From time to time this information would have to be updated and verified, which would require someone’s effort.

And no, I’m not trying to get out of buying my own reference material. I just think that no reference material will list all the current information for all the manufactures.