Age on equipment

Can anyone help me with the age of these items, thanks

Trane Furnance:
serial # R411KDH26

Kenmore Waterheater:
serial# H03435418

furnace: 2000
WH: 2003

Hey bro, on a side note, as a NACHI member you are supposed to give the NACHI logo equal prominence with any other organization. I noticed you’ve got ASHI all over, but I didn’t see NACHI mentioned.

Hi, thanks for the info and sorry if your offended by the ASHI logo. I am a new NACHI member (108053103) and did not get a chance to update the website.
But thanks again.

Glad to help. No offense taken. My partner is ASHI. I was just letting you know.:smiley:

Have a good one!