Water heater in bedroom closet.

Aside from not having any discharge pipe on the tpr valve, is there any issue from having an electric water heater in a bedroom closet? on the opposite wall in the same bedroom closet was a electric sub-panel, which I know isn’t allowed, but I wanted to be sure about the electric water heater. Being that there’s no combustion gases, I don’t see an issue, but thought I’d ask your opinion on the matter.

Being electric no problem, other then it should be installed on a drain pan.

Actually, depending on when the home was built, it might have been allowed. Would we do it if building under current codes? No.

I always tell my Clients that we don’t put them in closets anymore because experience has taught us that it isn’t a good place to put them.

An electric water heater in California?

Wow, Keith, you keep finding all the rare birds. lol