Water heater in living space?

Just a quick little thread to see how many of you have run into this. Awhile back while doing my first inspection I came across a water heater that was tucked away inside a bathroom closet. This was a gas water heater and not only was it inside a closet but the tpr valve drain was terminated into the crawl space, they used the correct b-vent but they had sheetrocked and mudded up to and onto the b-vent. I had to limit my comments to improperly installed water heater. Oh it also had zero combustible air inlets or outlets, it was totally sealed into the closet when the door was closed. Next day I go to my next inspection and what do I find? I find a water heater tucked into a basement bedroom. This was also a gas heater and had a bi-fold door for the closet door which had been cut to allow for air inlet at the bottom of the door but that was it. The vent was ok as it went straight out the side of the closet outside. It was a concrete floor so the heater was in a pan for the drain so that was ok. I just wonder how often this gets run across out there. I thought that the odds of my first two inspection revealing this would be a little out there but lets see what you guys think.