Water Heater plumbing

Does any one have any input on what this plumbing piece is and it’s function? Thank you.

Hi, I’m new but I think it’s an air bleeder valve.

Water service vacuum relief valve (possibly a Watts brand), missing the plastic cover.

vacuum valve.jpg

What would be the reason to install this at the water heater?

Prevents vacuum pressure that could damage the tank, if the tank were drained without opening a faucet to relieve the vacuum. Local codes require them around here.

Thanks guys.

It is a vacuum breaker. The cover is missing. It should have had a black plastic top. It is a code to install vacuum breakers on the cold inlet side of a water heater when the water heater is above all the fixture outlets like the water heater is in the attic and we’ll you understand. You don’t want to siphon all the water out of the tank especially if you haven’t turned off the fuel. Electric waterheater you will burn up your elements.

I would be more worried about the mixture of brass stainless steel and galvanized fittings used to connect the water distribution to the water heater. Electrolysis is the switching of atoms from dissimilar materials. You only need electricity, friction and or heat to cause electrolysis but the end result is water leaking which lends itself to the break down of the connection. The best way to connect a waterheater is with dielectric unions and nipples. Not to mention those corrugated waterline connecters are not 3/4"inside diameter reducing the volume of water, kink easily and increase friction through anti currents. Water heaters by code are supposed to be supplied by 3/4" ID pipe. I know not a perfect world but I love my trades and love helping people understand stuff so message me if you have any other questions about hvac or plumbing. My name is Matt Hudson studying to be a home inspector. Been plumbing for 19 years have my license in plumbing…went to school for 15 months 4hrs a day for hvac been doing that for 7 years. Have a good day brother.

I said it’s a code on the vacuum breaker I meant here in Tennessee for commercial buildings with multiple floors.

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