Water heater questions

Easy question here. I believe I know the answer but sometimes need verification when I see something for first time. Plastic supply pipes to water heater not allowed near the flue pipe, correct?. I ask because I have not seen “Shark-bite” type used for this installation and wanted to make sure these weren’t somehow rated for this. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Same requirements as CPVC, 18" from tank and 6" from vent pipe.[RIGHT][/RIGHT]

Thank you.

thx Christopher

As a side note. What are anyone’s feelings on the shark bite fittings? Good? Bad?

Shark bite fittings have their application and uses. They make some plumbing jobs much easier and faster. Like any plumbing part, they can be installed improperly. Because they are “so easy”, homeowners try to do their own repairs. The pros will typically use these when there is limited access because the fittings aren’t cheap.

Recently i am going to a place for as a inspection of water heater there i found many type of equipment to made it.