Water heater flue clearance from braided stainless water line connectors

I believe that most braided stainless steel flex water connector pipes contain combustibleplastic pipe in their interiors. It would seem that these should not be used in close proximity to single wall gas water heater flues. However, companies such as Sharkbite sell these specifically for water heater connections. I’d appreciate your thoughts on this matter.

Used everywhere and I am sure if it were a problem, we would have heard about it by now.
I wouldn’t worry about it if properly installed.

Thanks Marcel. As a follow-up, i contacted the company that makes SharkBite products. They confirmed that their flex water heater connectors with EPDM liners are certified for proximity to gas flues and also that they serve as dielectric coupling. Sounds like a pretty good combination. I’ve seen some things on this form indicating that some municipalities may not allow them. Is there anyone who has had a specific rejection by code enforcement? If so, why were they rejected?