Water Heater supply and return reversed

Can anybody tell me definitively what is wrong with plumbing a water heater backwards (cold supply into hot outlet and hot outlet coming out of cold supply port)? I’ve only seen it a couple times. In both cases the sellers had no idea it was wrong and said they had no problems with their hot water. I still wrote it up as a major concern that should be remedied. But why exactly is it so bad?


It will work but usually operates at a decreased efficiency (40 gal. will work like a 20-30 gal)
Personally, I wouldn’t classify that as a major concern.


Thanks for the reply. I told my clients (hope I was right) that the internal piping took the cold water supply down to the bottom of the tank and the hot return came off the top (since heat rises); thus, when piped backwards, there would be less hot water, it would take longer to heat the water, and the energy consumption ($$$gas bill$$$) would be considerably more than the manufacturer intended.

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anytime. yes, you were correct about the way the hot/cold water mix when the lines are reversed. thanks for the offer of support.