Water Heater ?

40 Gallon Rheem-Water Heater (Electric-2013). No relief valve discharge pipe. Is it a safety hazard when you feel that the temperature of the pipes have been reversed?

Yes and it should be written up as needing repair immediately .
The discharge pipe must go to within 6 inches of the floor .
If the valve opened in this case some one could get badly burned in the face .

If you run some hot water in the sink this should show by feel if the pipes are reversed feeding the tank .
I expect they are not reversed .

Why do you feel the pipes are reversed? I’m assuming you mean **C **<–> H instead of H <–> C

Few problems. No grommet for electric line into top and by me needs bx cable into w.h. Those flex copper lines also a No No for us , not sure by you. As for lines being reversed, not sure how that is possible - if thats what you mean

Jeff, you are exactly right. The stamped hot and cold on the water heater does not feel as it should. Hot is cold and cold is hot. Thanks.

Thanks guys. I feel the water lines as I am checking and this just caught my attention. Thought that I would run it past you.

Thanks Roy, Jeff and Chris. Roy you are right. Chris, you are exactly right as well. I agree with the bx-cable.

Hmmm… not exactly sure if a “hazard” but it certainly would not operate properly, (see Dip Tube)…


Thanks again Jeff. Inside the house hot was left cold was right. Temp: 140

I will check back later guys an emergency just came up. Gotta go.

The shutoff valve is on the cold side, which is correct. The power supply needs a wire clamp and cable securing, or protective flex on the NM cable. The discharge pipe needs to be installed to prevent damage to property or persons.

I can’t figure out why the cold was pretty warm to the touch. This 1 has me puzzled.

Did you follow/trace any lines, such as the water service from the curb, to positively identify which line was which? DO NOT assume anything by the location of shutoff valves, etc. Those get installed improperly all the time. Either way, call out for a Licensed Plumber to diagnose and repair.

I’m assuming you mean cold at heater supply line.

That’s normal, especially when hot water hasn’t been used for a while; cold water hasn’t refilled tank.

It’s called thermal-siphoning. Water will equalize in the supply line.

I naturally assumed he already ran the water before proceeding to the WH to observe the unit in operation. I guess that’s one of those things I do without even thinking about it anymore. Habit.

It could be a defective mixing valve somewhere (washer, shower…).

Growing up we had a 50 gallon pressurized water tank at the well placed directly in sun. We seldom had to use the water heater.

Chris, I believe that you answered my question. Makes sense to me because the property hasn’t been used in a while. Thanks man, be safe out there.

Thanks everyone. Maybe I will start posting on the InterNACHI message board for help when I need it. I do trace down both water / gas / electric lines to verify where they are running, if at all possible.

Each of you all are very knowledgeable.
I would rate today’s post with 5 stars.

Thanks again everyone and be safe.

Yep…and if the house has been vacant, i.e., no cold or hot water running, but heater heating, then the supply will begin to heat as well.

I guess that’s “thermal-siphoning”. I like that term. I always just say “transient heat”…

Thanks Chris!