Water heater timer

We are getting smart meters in our area .
High cost for electricity during day Higher at supper and lower in the evening.
Has any one heard of a Timer to shut water heater off during the day?
Is there and easy way to bypass this if needed?
example company on the week end.
Any idea who would sell these?
Any idea of Costs?
Any thoughts or ideas appreciated .
In some cases Gas is not an option

.Thanks… Cookie

This may help.

Some years ago I used some X10 priducts for that very purpose. It consisted of a module wired in series with the heater supply and a timer/controller that you can plug in anywhere in the house. The 30A modules are a little hard to find, but here is one that I located:

The bonus is that you can use the timer/controller to do other tasks around the hosue as well.

You ain’t seen nothing yet. You can bet that once the entire province has the all the new smart meters installed that there will be even more drastic pricing changes. They will have the people by the balls and can effectively change our behavior and habits. Good in once sense because of the incredible strain on our infratructure during peak periods but still scarry none the less.

As Roy said, higher costs during the day which is when retired, unemployed, diabled, generally people on fixed income will need to consume power.

See if this will help.


Yes great but how does the lady of the house who has a day off, turn on the water heater from a simple push button to make the timer skip a cycle.
I expect some one has such a device.
Thanks Jim this would do most of what we need .
… Cookie

I have put a timer on my 60 gallon electric water heater and installed a thermal blanket. It comes on for 2 hours each day. So far haven’t run out of hot water. Formerly I had the timer to come on for approx. 4 hours everyday.

Is your a regular heater or a high effeciency.

Insulating the Tank

High-efficiency models come from the manufacturer with built-in foam insulation. This type of water heater does not need to be wrapped with additional insulation. There is often a label cautioning homeowners against doing this. For models with less internal insulation, the efficiency can be increased by installing external tank insulation.

… Cookie

My tank is fibre glass lined.
When I put my hand between the insulative jacket and the tank it is warm. That would be heat lost in my cold basement.
Even with the new foamed tanks there will be heat loss. Electric hot water tanks are one of the largest users of hydro as you probably know.

For 7 months a year it would not be lost in my basement as I heat with electricy So base board heaters, Lights, or water heater cost is the same .

… Cookie

At an inspection the other day the client pointed out to me that the hydro meter was not spinning yet the lights were on in the house as well as the blower on the furnace. I checked it out the horizontal dial was not moving. My client said when he had visited prior to inspection it was not moving on that occassion. Defective meter?


You’re being an electrician need I say more? :wink:

Perhaps a former grow House…:wink:

The seal was intact on the meter.
It was not a grow house, I went through the whole house.